The current cost guidelines for using the NIHR BioResource are outlined below:

BRC Principal Investigators/ Rare Disease Principal Investigators
The costs associated with courier and volunteer expenses (e) only will apply.

Private Commercial Institutions
An initial setup study fee (a), an enrolment fee (b), an existing sample fee (c), a screen failure fee (d), and costs associated with courier and volunteer expenses (e) will apply where relevant.

Item 2019 2020
 Set-up fee (primary local BioResource) £7000  tbc  a
 Set-up fee (for each subsequent local BioResource) £2000 tbc a
 Saliva sample £120 tbc b
 Blood sample (per visit) £180 tbc b
 Enrolled volunteer (per visit for anything other than a blood sample) from £360 tbc b
 Existing plasma/serum sample* £12 tbc c
 Screen failure fee £180 tbc d
 Costs associated with sample shipping and volunteer expenses (including all travel & parking costs) As applicable As applicable e




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