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Once your application has been approved you will need to ensure that the following paperwork is in place before you can begin recruiting National Institute for Health Research BioResource volunteers.

The researcher will need to supply the following –

  • Proof of full ethical and NHS R&D approval (where applicable)
  • Participant information leaflet
  • Volunteer consent form
  • Any other relevant patient paperwork such as questionnaires

The study paperwork will need to be reviewed and approved by the SAB prior to recruitment of BioResource volunteers. If the paperwork has already been ethically approved it can be submitted with your application to the BioResource.

If you have any questions about the application process or need advice or help with amending study paperwork please call Ana Boshoff on 01223 748 410 or email:

Please be aware that in the case of already ethically approved study applications it is not unusual for a substantial amendment to be needed to the research ethics committee to include the recruitment of volunteers from BioResource in the study protocol and a slight amendment to the participant information sheet to make it more suitable for volunteers.

Following the study BioResource should be acknowledged in publications in the form below:

“We gratefully acknowledge the participation of all NIHR [local centre] BioResource volunteers, and thank you the NIHR [local centre] BioResource centre[s] and staff for their contribution. We thank the National Institute for Health Research and NHS Blood and Transplant”