Recruitment procedures and documents

Recruitment can only be from NHS sites which have local R&D approval in place.
Please contact your R&D department, or email: to check.

If the NIHR BioResource – Rare Diseases is a registered study at your NHS site, you may recruit using the below participant information leaflets and consent forms:

Participant information leaflets

Participant consent forms

Sample logistics

The sample tubes and referral card must have 3 matching identifiers to be accepted.
Samples should be labelled with:

  • Patient’s full name (surname and given name)
  • Date of birth
  • NHS number
  • It is desirable to have the date and time sample was taken and/or location

Blood samples

  • Use plastic bottles
  • Adults: 2 x 6ml EDTA
  • Children < 6 years: 1 x 6ml EDTA
  • Children < 2 years: 1 x 3ml EDTA

DNA samples

10ug DNA per participant (min concentration 100ng/ul)
Catgo can supply tubes & barcodes for DNA submission if required


  • Samples in glass bottles will not be accepted
  • UNLABELLED Samples will not be accepted
  • MISLABELLED Samples will not be accepted

EDTA can be posted at room temperature in leak proof packaging.

All bloods should be sent to:
NIHR BioResource Sample Logistics Laboratory (Box 96)
Department of Haematology
University of Cambridge
At NHS Blood and Transplant
Long Road
Cambridge CB2 0PT