Infection and Immunity

2x4bThere are three studies currently running in the Infection and Immunity theme

1. Primary Immune Disorders (PID)

Status On-going
Professor Ken Smith, University of Cambridge
Professor Adrian Thrasher, Great Ormond Street Hospital
Professor Taco Kuijpers, Emma’s Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam
Coordinator Matthew Brown

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2. Primary membranoproloferative glomerulonephritis (PMG)

Status On-going
Lead Dr Daniel Gale
Coordinator Sofie Ashford

3. Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS)

Status On-going
Dr Ania Koziell, Kings College, London
Professor Graham Lord, Kings College, London
Dr Michael Simpson, Kings College, London
Professor Moin Saleem, University of Bristol
Coordinator Sofie Ashford