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National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) BioResource is a unique collaboration bringing people, facilities and research excellence together to create a valuable resource for your clinical trials.

Successful clinical trials require quick, reliable and accurate data, data which will allow you as researchers to make decisions on whether or not to continue with a novel treatment or device trial.

BioResource makes available to researchers well characterised groups of individuals by genotype and/or phenotype, who have agreed to participate in clinical trials.

By establishing this resource the NIHR hope to foster strong collaborations between industry, the NHS and academia. Not only will your company benefit through access to individuals tailored for your trials, but will also receive advice, support and feedback from key opinion leaders, the clinicians and academics working in your field of research.

Costs for industry

Item 2017
a Set-up fee (primary local BioResource) £6000
Set-up fee (for each subsequent local BioResource) £2000
b Saliva sample £120
Blood sample (per visit) £180
Enrolled volunteer (per visit for anything other than a blood sample) £360-£600
c Existing plasma/serum sample £12
d Screen failure fee £180
e Costs associated with sample shipping and volunteer expenses (including all travel & parking costs) As applicable



“We have had a ver productive relationship with Cambridge BioResource (CBR) over the last 2-3 years where collaboration has resulted is provision of genetic resource, conduct of clinical and translational trials, and publication of both clinical and immuno-inflammatory mechanistic study results related to pharmacogenetic interactions. The initial interactions between us and CBR have been very successful and this is a collaboration we are keen to maintain and develop.”

Simon McHugh, GlaxoSmithKline

Applications to use the NIHR BioResource

All applications to use BioResource are reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board.
For more details on how to apply please read the Submit Requests page.