Coronavirus update

17 March 2020: we have stopped recruitment

With the continuing Coronavirus pandemic, we have stopped recruiting to the NIHR BioResource, except for Coronavirus studies.

This means we are not:

  • enrolling members of the public who have expressed an interest in joining the BioResource;
  • recruiting patients with a Rare Disease, IBD, NAFLD or IMID, and through recruiting sites and clinics.

We will also notify existing BioResource participants who have been invited to participate and those who have agreed to participate in research studies.

Except for research studies conducted through online questionnaires, other recall activities will be on hold until further notice.

Our BioResource staff are working from home and some of our phone numbers and email accounts are not being monitored regularly.

We are sorry if we cannot respond as quickly as usual.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 090 22 33 or, if you have any questions.